InstantAzon Pro Members Upgrade!

Special upgrade option for Store Buildr members only.

Hey , Check Out This Special Upgrade Option!

Special Upgrade Offer For Existing Members Only!

Some of the features we have added to the PRO version include:-

Multi Site License.
This allows you to use InstantAzon Pro on ANY website you own.

Update to Enable SSL Support.
If you are using InstantAzon on Your HTTPS sites this is essential.

Added The Option to Save Display And Search Options.
This means you can save your settings, very handy if you use InstantAzon on a lot of sites.

Improved Categories to Match Specific Countries Categories.
This results in a higher percentage of matched ads.

Improved Mobile Responsive Display.
This gives mobile users an improved experience.

Improved Search to Target Amazon Titles.
This results in more specific ads.

Added The Option to Display Products Between Minimum And Maximum Price Ranges.
This means you can set the price of the ads you wish to display.

Added the Option to Not Display Specific Products.
This means you can omit certain products from your ads.

Added The Option to Display Specific Products as Well as or Instead of Search Items.
This means you can specifically target the products you want to display.

Added The Option to GEO Target Products.
This means ads are displayed that are related to the country the user is from.

Added Cache Feature For Faster Results.
This means that you can now cache results to display your ads a lot faster.

Added Multiple Search Criteria Options.
This allows you to have many more options for search criteria filtering.

Added One Click Optional Terms.
This allows you to have the option of adding terms to your ads with just one click.

The regular cost for InstantAzon Pro is $97, but for a limited period, we are offering all existing Store Buildr members the chance to upgrade at a huge 90% discount.

This means you are getting the most advanced version of InstantAzon for under $10!

Should you wish to take advantage of this amazing deal, simply click the upgrade buy button below, and once you have upgraded you will have instant access to InstantAzon Pro.

Store Buildr - InstantAzon Pro Upgrade

Good luck, and all the best for your future success.


The Store Buildr Team.