Store Buildr Developer License Terms.

Thank you so much for becoming a Store Buildr Developer.

These terms supersede any terms for a regular Store Buildr License.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions of your license fully before building or developing any websites.

Any websites you sell must be installed on a domain that either you or your client owns. You may NOT re-sell or share the ‘raw’ website, script or any of its contents in any way. You must first create a unique website for your end user (your customer).

EG. You can create and sell individual websites ordered by customers or sell websites you have created using the Store Buildr Niche Website Builder, but you cannot sell the script itself as a standalone product.

You may not attempt to edit the source code or reverse engineer the website in any way, you may only edit the website via the Store Buildr Admin Panel.

The websites you create cannot be given away, NO EXCEPTIONS.

The minimum price for each website must be AT LEAST $17.
Websites cannot be packaged into bundles.

You may not use the Store Buildr brand in any of your marketing or sales material.

Anyone caught giving away websites will instantly have their membership terminated and license revoked.


While you may clone and sell additional websites from any niche store we create you cannot change the niche of the website you sell to clients.

EG. You can take a dog supplies website and create an unlimited amount of dog supply websites, but you cannot turn a dog supplies website into a cat supplies website.

Should you wish to have true freedom and create an unlimited amount of websites in unlimited niches, we do have a limited amount of Agency Licenses available.

Below Are The Full Terms of Your Developer Website License:

[YES] Websites you create can be sold for a minimum of $17.
[YES] Websites you create can be edited by yourself or your end user (your customer).
[YES] Websites you create can be sold on auction sites.
[NO] Cannot sell Private Label Rights or Resale Rights to any websites you create.
[NO] Websites you create cannot be offered as a bonus.
[NO] Websites you create cannot be given away for free.
[NO] Websites cannot be packaged into bundles.
[NO] Cannot change the niche of any website. This requires an Agency License.

We are doing this to protect your investment.

Do things right and you can sell custom bespoke websites for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Copyright abuse will be dealt with immediately and legal action will be taken!

If you are not sure about any of these license terms please contact us here.


The Store Buildr Team.