Store Buildr Temporary Associates Access Instructions.

This is where you can find out how to set up temporary access to your associates account for a member of the support team.

Be sure to follow the instructions very carefully and refer to the screenshots where applicable.

Your Associates account area may look different to the screenshots if you are using an account from any country other that the UK or the US but the process should be the same.

STEP 1 - If you have not already, join Amazon Associates US. You can join Associates (United States) here. If you already have an associates account for the US, proceed to step 2.

STEP 2 - Sign in to your associates account.
US members can sign in here:

STEP 3 - Navigate to your "Account Settings" page.

STEP 4 - Click "Manage Account Users and Select Your Primary Email Address"

STEP 5 - Fill out the "Captcha" code and add the email address you want to send the invitation to. (This will be the email address given to you by a member of the support team). Once you've pasted in the email address, click "Send Invitation". Please let us know, either in your support ticket or email conversation, when the invite has been sent. The invitation is time sensitive so if you do not let us know and we miss it, then the invitation will need to be sent again.

The Email Address will appear in the "Invited Users" section until the member of the support team who is helping you, accepts the invitation.

Your Email Address should be in the "Primary E-mail Address" section and once the member of the support team who is helping you accepts the invitation their email address will be under "All E-mail Addresses.

You will also receive a confirmation email letting you know that the invitation has been accepted, that email should look something like this:

Your work here is now done, we may ask you to confirm that you can see our email address in the "All E-mail Addresses" section before we continue, but all of that will be dealt with in your support ticket or via email.